Facebook Blocks Blasphemous Page in Pakistan

Facebook has blocked the blasphemous page to Pakistani users in what they call “respect for local standards and customs.” If that is the case, why don’t they simply block all content that is unacceptable on Facebook to whichever country it concerns. Why delete other hate content right away but allow such blasphemy to stay. They indulge in the highest form of disrespect and then have the nerve to say that they are being respectful.

Here is the full report from PCWorld:

Facebook said on Tuesday that it has blocked users in Pakistan from accessing the ‘Everybody Draw Mohammed Day !’ page on its site out of respect for local standards and customs.

The Web site adopted a similar approach in India about a week ago when it was approached by Indian authorities in connection with the page, which has annoyed Muslims in many countries.

The indications are that Facebook may take a similar approach in Bangladesh, where the Web site has been blocked since Sunday.

“We have not removed the content from Facebook, although some pages may have been removed by their creators, but have only restricted access to it from certain countries out of respect for local rules,” Facebook spokeswoman Debbie Frost wrote in an email on Tuesday.

The page invited users to post cartoons of Prophet Mohammed. Depictions of the Prophet are prohibited in some Muslim traditions.

On Monday a High Court in Lahore, Pakistan, ordered the removal of the block on the site that had been imposed on May 19.

Facebook has agreed to block the page in Pakistan, Naguibullah Malik, Pakistan’s secretary of IT and telecom, said in a telephone interview on Monday.

The government will continue to block any offensive or derogatory content found on the Web, Malik said. Last week Pakistan lifted a total block on YouTube but said objectionable content on the web site will continue to be blocked.

After reviewing the situation, including information from the government of Pakistan that confirms Pakistani law in this area, Facebook decided to prevent the ‘Everybody Draw Mohammed Day !’ page from being viewed by users in Pakistan out of respect for local standards and customs, Frost said.

When dealing with user-generated content on global websites, there are occasions where content that is illegal in one country is not illegal in another, and may even be protected there by law, Facebook said. Most companies approach this issue by preventing certain content from being shown to users in the countries where it is illegal, and that is Facebook’s approach, the company said.

2 thoughts on “Facebook Blocks Blasphemous Page in Pakistan”

  1. Good Day
    In my opinion site should be permanently blocked in pakistan.as there are other options for usr so they can use any other.

  2. Yusa. It is such a hypocracy on part of us. Day in and day out we are violationg teaching of islam and prohhet (pbuh). We cheat, we lie, we kill innocent, we murder, honour killing is on rise, we throw acid, we rape, we slave people, we torture, we mix poision in food stuff, we sell fake medicines, we take and give bribe, we insult each other, we destroy mosques and we would do anything for money (we would sell futre of our children and our country). On top of that we call ourselves Muslims and get upset on face book.

    We need to apply islam on ourself and elevate ouselves spritually. We need to eliminate social unjustice without hurting anyone. We need to correct ourselves. Once done,we will be a better nation. Islam means peace to all.

    May Allah let us see our faults and let us correct our faults. DO not force your opinion or action on others. If you want to protest, cancel your account.


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