Facebook ban in Pakistan and reactions that followed

Sketches of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) are considered an act of blasphemy by Muslims and by refusing to go along with deleting the offending page, famous social networking site Facebook has earned not only criticism from several Muslims but also been banned in Pakistan for unlimited time period as per Lahore high courts order which deem it to have broken blasphemy laws. Islamic Lawyers’ Forum asked the Lahore High Court to order the government to fully block Facebook.

The offending Facebook page called (nauzubillah) Everybody Draw Mohammed Day has triggered outrage over cartoon versions of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The campaign was launched after criticism on the creators of South Park received for portraying Muhammad (SAW). The campaign page on Facebook quotes;

“That they can’t take away our right to freedom of speech by trying to scare us to silence.”

Does freedom of speech gives you the right to spread religious hatred or torture people on the basis of their religious beliefs?

Minister of religious affairs in Pakistan, Hamid Saeed Kazmi, said the country wide ban was only a temporary solution and suggested the government organize a conference of Muslim countries to figure out ways to prevent the publication of images of the prophet, which have caused backlashes among Muslim populations.

It remains to be seen how successful the move will be but citizens often have little trouble working their way around the ban using proxy servers and other means. The saddest part of the controversy is rather than protesting against such shameful competitions people are busy condemning ban on the site.

Facebook was criticized not deleting the group despite it being provocative and people lodging complaints against it. Owaies has reported in his blog that; Facebook proved itself totally racist. The anti-holocaust page got deleted within 20 minutes of reporting but the anti-Muhammad (PBUH) event page is still there.

A chain-SMS has also reached thousands of mobile phone users across Pakistan (I also received it) urging to download and run a bug to help crash the website.

13 thoughts on “Facebook ban in Pakistan and reactions that followed”

  1. i fully support the timely step taken by LHC to ban facebook.
    even if the ban is lifted it wont make any difference for the site officials as i am never going to use this site again.
    because i love my PROPHET MUHAMMAD(P.B.U.H) from the core of my heart.

  2. To all the Muslims who consider this blasphemy: That thought is perfectly legitimate. We have DRASTICLLY different cultures and belief structures. In your country that is nearly 100% Muslim, protests and anger is understandable to a degree. In countries that have some several hundred religions within it’s borders, we have ABSOLUTE freedom for ALL to express whatever they want. Someone getting offended is inevitable. Civilized people ignore it, or talk and work through legal channels, not murderous threats. Our cultures naturally have tendencies that offend the other (both ways). We have the ability to tolerate others opinions because if we don’t, we loose our own voice. We may not agree with others, we may ever get offended from time to time, but murder and threats just make the other side have a stronger resolve. If you don’t make such a big deal and just go about your every day life, would the drawing cause you harm? NO… It’s just pigment on paper, and can’t hurt you. What it means is up to the reader (every one). You are welcome to your opinion, but why do you not allow others to hold one? if your god has a problem, and your god is real (arguable to say the least) then I will happily face his judgment when die, NOT YOURS now. By the way “KUFFARS” designate someone who does not believe in your god. Unfortunately you do not know that Christians and Jews BOTH pray to your god, and don’t fit that term. How about “whiney violent pigs” to describe the Jihad lovers. That fits to a “T”. You have your degrading words, so do we. You can only control yourself….Wars start otherwise, unless that’s what you want? Do you? We wont be bullied into subjugation. .

  3. The Muslims of the world will not unite over banning facebook – it is good idea but not practical to develop our own. Many business already use fb and they are losing money daily so money people will pressure government to open fb by 31st May. I only wish you were right and something could happen but i do not believe in a government ban we should choose not to use it ourselves as a protest to remove this webpage


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