Face 2 Face

I would say that the old media is still and will remain the new media no matter what technology has to offer us. Email, Instant Messaging, Twitter, Blogs and their comments, Forums, Chatting, Phone, Video chat, pod cast, RSS feeds and the rest have changed how we bond with each other. No doubt about that. But then why still we yearn to meet physically and offline?

Meeting people face to face carries so much more information than any other form. It is the same difference between a true motivator (a life human being) and any of the motivational charts with bright colors and high-toned words.

I am as wired to the net as anyone, but personally, and especially professionally, I make sure to get some face to face time. There is no substitute for looking straight at someone and having a conversation.

The Internet really is just a tool, a means to connect people, not something great unto itself. Yes, there’s not a substitute for human contact. Nothing is. But it’s nice to have technology that let’s us feel close even when we can’t be physically.

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