Eyes…The wonderful gift!

Eyes are a wonderful part of our body. It is where we get the images. Shining eyes play an important role in personality when concerned with looks and probably this is the reason why women pay much heed to the eye make-up and applying beauty tips on them.

But certainly eyes need care since these are used much the whole day. Taking light food keeps shine in the eyes. This may include milk, butter, lentils, fruit juices, and especially carrot juice strengthens the eye muscles.

Moreover the green color gives a very soothing effect to the eyes. Eyes get relaxed and if we walk bare footed on green grass in the morning while concentrating on the “greenery”, it really works to enhance or improve the eye sight.

Rinsing eyes many times a day keeps them safe from dust and diseases and also adds to the beauty and shine.

When reading or working on computer, eyes get stressed and so rest should be given to them after every hour. There should be proper light and exercises should be done to keep them healthy and shining.

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