Eyeball to Eyeball

The political press in Pakistan including the electronic and print media is abuzz with overblown stories of a PPP-PML(N) rift. There are some hard feelings, but less than you’d think, given the closeness of the mutual interest, but the natural course of rival politics is taking shape in Pakistan and it’s just a matter of time before the flame war starts between the two arch-rivals in full blue moon for the eyeballs of millions of viewers.

The statement war is already going on between many second tier elements of both parties, and now the leaders have also chipped in, and it seems that the PPP has no answer for the onslaught in objective manner, but they are nonetheless busy in rendering the leadership of PML(N) disqualified.

But no one is telling them, and the other players are watching the drama with greed and anticipations from the fringes. The way to unite and internally divided political array is to identify an external threat. The threat is external to both parties, but internal to the people of this country.

4 thoughts on “Eyeball to Eyeball”

  1. At least this quarelling gives us something to talk about. In Arab countries (with the exception of Lebanon) there is no politics, no democracy and you can’t talk unfavourably about the rulers without getting arrested.

  2. Rehman Malik sb is not an elected representative of the country and should not be holding a post for someone who is preferred by the masses. PPP is in no dearth of elected reps who can do the job of this coveted post. The blunders and diatribes made by him are strange to none.
    Mr. Gillani has been given a job larger than his stature as its evident when he speaks internationally..i would hate to insinuate what people thought of him at the protest rally next to Ms. information.
    The mentally unstable person knocked out the so called stable ones in a matter of weeks. Whatever you may wanna call it but this chap is commendable for the things he did and got away with it. By and by who doesnt in Pakistam whether its army or jui-f champions. So I personally think that he is the shrewdest of them all. His rise to power is almost witchcraft if not miraculous.
    Being a strong believe in democracy I would reiterate that one day of zardari in office is better than 1 million years of an army dictator and his self created PML-Q to serve and prolong his own illegitimate rule. The Lotas in the party are larger than life lotas… I still remember lying through the teeth folk like infamous Durrani, Sher Afgan, Tariq Azeem, Wasi Zafar and the lot.
    I think the old regime should be held accountable for completely destroying country’s institutions, for selling pakistanis for money, for phosphorous bombing innocent children and women at madrassa, for killings of 12 may’07 and for innuerable crimes they have committed. NRO should have an expiry date on it if we want any progress in this country. There should not be any sacred cows, the billionaire sons of the Generals should be held accountable in the same way as of Judges, Beaurocrats and Politicians. Then only way we can create history is by teaching a lesson to soul-less folk. Each one should do their own job for Gods sakes.. Army trying to be politicians and all intelligent folks suckssss since they can never be… I think much damage has been done to the outlook of this great institution probably the only institution left in the past regime by one of its own. The role of present CNC is nothing but praiseworthy.
    Long Live Gen Kiyani, Long Live Pakistan (non political) Army, Pakistan Zindabad!

  3. The only person in PPP who has my respect is Rehman Malik….I like Gilani as a person, but he is a lame duck just for show…the real power is in the hands of mentally unstable Mr. 80%

    God!! How did we get into such affairs!!!!! Only in Pakistan can somebody like this get elected due to false dreams. He is warm and snuggly in bed since his wife died –and every single speech he makes he makes reference to her death.

    Only in Pakistan can you find political figures (within the same damn party) completely contradicting eachother

    One man says we will not take IMF loan….3 hours later it is announced that we will take IMF loan……

    totally dysfunctional govt. And they want to tell me this is democracy?

    I have said this in other posts……but PPP and policies of Mr. 80% have no bearing on me, my patriotism, and my vision of Pakistan. They are all a bunch of bickering knuckle-heads who wouldnt know the first thing about running a country.

    Zardaris life story sounds better in hollywood –like Scarface…some NOBODY who goes to jail and exploits his wifes position to rise to fame –despite a shady past.

    Long live PML-Q and the Army of Pakistan!!

  4. Probably just an eye wash to divert people’s attention from IMF loan and its ramifications. There lies an understanding between two parties and primarily thats to keep alive in press. Other than that I dont think PML N is doing enough as a strong opposition force and PPP has no clue how to manage this country in present circumstances.


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