Extra curricular activities of our political elites

The third in camera session that took place in the parliament absolutely gives a firm and grim impression that Pakistan is not secure anymore for any one. Pakistan the land of pure has turned into a war zone. One can easily conclude that the policies adopted by Pervez Musharraf during his eight long rule are still there, despite the fact that a democratically elected government was installed as a result of elections on the grounds and motives that these absurd and illegitimate policy decisions would be undone in the best interests of Pakistan if only the dictator withdraws his powers.

It will not be wrong to put it this way that these meetings and sessions have turned into a kind of extra curricular activities for our political elites. As by now no decision of utmost significance has taken place to improve law and order. The impression one gets while glancing at the security level maintained in the capital of Pakistan is like of Kabul in a war torn country Afghanistan. Each day one hears the news that security has been turned red alert in any part or city. The menace of terrorism is not in tribal areas that would be tackled merely by use of force and operations but it is within the settled cities and districts of Pakistan. How worse can it get? What are we waiting for?

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