Extortion by Travel Agency; Another ‘Umrah’ Fraud

Another travel scam in the name of Umrah Balloting cards has been revealed in Karachi. It seems that it has become the easiest way to con now days and people accept as true these agencies without any inquiry about their reputation. This has been the third case in a row reported in past few weeks.

A travel agency located in Soldier Bazar area extorts money from a number of people in the name of balloting for Umrah by selling cards in 525 Rupees. The amount of 500 was refundable after a period of three years if they didn’t get the chance to perform Umrah. Innocent people had purchased thousands of such ballot cards but after three years now the amount is still not compensated by the Travel agency. An angry mob had a protest in front of the office of travel agency but no body was there to accept their claim.

The chief minister Sindh had asked the CCPO Karachi to immediately inquire into the matter and submit a report. People should also feel responsibility while investing or spending their hard earned money in such schemes. The amount of 5000 for over three years if invested by thousand people makes a total of 500,0000, which is lot of money. Interestingly the travel agency had full authority to use the amount over a period of three long years. Those who are involved in such act should be punished and steps should be taken to save people from such frauds in the future.Umrah travel agency fraud

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