Exams, Exams!, Exams?


As I had had mentioned a case of Fraud at Al Umer Foundation School, Which happened during Metric Science exams, I was hoping that it will not repeat. But five days ago physics paper was leaked and just before an hour of exam it was in the hands of students. It is the most important paper of metric class besides mathematics. According to my experience it was the most easiest paper of physics in last 6 years, As I had been teaching metric class for 8 years now. But those students who were in search of short cut had made their way towards success a lot easier by leaking the paper. I am quite surprised that after the report of Al Umer School there was no action from Board of Secondary Education to prevent such incidents in future?

In this video Controller of Examinations has no dilemma about the matter. According to him a student if gets the question sheet prior to the exam he can’t achieve anything. It is an injustice to those who had studied day in and day out for their future. There has been a serious competition out there when they had to get admission in colleges. It has been a tough fight since Government has announced Central Admission Policy CAP, few years back. If a student wants admission in DJ Science or Adamjee College he must have above 88% marks in metric exam. Those who are unable to secure high marks kept busy in these kinds of illegal activities and ruining the future of deserving students.

Matric exams are over now but its Class Ninth now. Today second paper of 9th has been conducted. The subject was Pakistan Studies. The paper has been circulated by the night through SMS. I had also received questions from the paper yesterday night via SMS. It is shocking that those questions were a part of paper today. I am unable to understand that who could be involved in this act. It is a fast and fool proof network which circulates the paper. Almost 80% of the students got these text messages.

It is a matter of our future. Serious measures must be taken to eradicate this anguish.

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