Espousing between two devils

If the government chooses to support military operation in tribal areas of Pakistan it would mean that the entire nation will be entitled to face long term consequences for the impetus that the people will turn against the government of the state because as many will die as collateral damage, they will never trust the government again for several generations. But if the operation does not takes place than it can be envisaged that American military forces might launch their operation with or without notifying Pakistani authorities. In such circumstances when only two options are available and the third is not adequate for even consideration, for the reason that peace negotiations have taken place several times before as well but have been violated time and again for several minor impetuses.

What strategy must be employed to keep the enemy at bay? If the government opts for the first option; that is cherishing operations by Pakistani army personnel’s then there are chances that of state disintegration. And if this option is not adopted it may make Pakistan a colony again for sure.

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