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eRepublik logoeRepublik is increasingly popular browser-based text-game among political enthusiasts. eRepublik tries to replicate real world’s social and political environment in a virtual world, referred as “eWorld.”

On registration every player picks a country of citizenship. Once they have selected the country they want to serve, they start as new born baby in the game. Object of every new born citizen is to find a job to work and train in the country’s military by going to Training Grounds every day.

eRepublik training ground

Working and Training everyday gives player Experience Points which with time enable them to get involved in other aspects of the game like voting in national elections, running for congress, starting a company or even running for country President position. Elections are held on fixed dates of every month. Presidential Elections are held on 5th of every month, Party President elections on 15th and Congress elections on 25th.

ePakistan on eRepublik: Pakistan also exists in this eWorld. Unfortunately it is one of the smallest and weakest nations of the world economically and militarily. The strength of the game is the number of citizens that play for each country. Pakistan is currently far below in the population count table and because of that Pakistan has been having challenging time battling off rivals like India in the game. India recently broke it’s peace agreement with Pakistan when their President ordered attack on Pakistan. Pakistani Government and Defence Specialist were taken by surprise and N.W.F.P & Balochistan were lost to India within a day.

eRepublik Battlefield

Pakistan turned to Serbia and Iran for help. Serbia marched into Punjab to secure it from Indian aggression while Iran launched attacked on Indian controlled Balochistan and won it back for Pakistan. Pakistani players decided to fight back for N.W.F.P and a resistance war was started by Pakistan. Surprisingly Pakistan defeated India despite Pakistan’s weak reputation as military on eRepublik.

Current Pakistani Government and Cabinet are planning to launch an operation against India on 23rd March to fight India and reclaim Pakistan’s position in the region. If you are interested in War, Politics or even Journalism you should give this game a try. Like real world media is also very important in this game, each player can setup news paper for a small cost from in-game gold that you get. Who knows maybe you can become the next Congress Member, Successful journalist, Business Tycoon or even the President of Pakistan. Give it a try!

Join URL: http://www.erepublik.com/en/referrer/Ahsan+Shahbaz

eRepublik Pakistan

Tip: When you Join Ask President of Pakistan at the time to help you out of one of the Party leaders these are one of the most experienced players in the game.

Some screenshots from eRepublik:

eRepublik career path 1
eRepublik career path 2
Career Path at eRepublik

eRepublik after training

After you are trained.

eRepublik player stats and medals

Player Stats and Achievement Medals.

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