Enticing Website

World wide web is our virtual world, where no body can remain homeless, if he has even got an iota of common sense and even a dim shade of intelligence. Unlike, real world, the populace of virtual world is selfishly hospitable. It wants others, acquaintances or strangers alike, to come its home again and again. It wants other to make their home pages their home. For this to happen, they strive hard to make their virtual homes a.k.a websites as enticing as possible.

What are the ingredients or the things to be taken care of in building up an enticing website? I have jotted down some, can you add some?

1- Planning your web site.

2- Determining our target audience

3- Who is our target audience?

4- Discussing goals of website.

5- Budgeting the money.

6- Hiring the people to create/run the site.

7- What would be the essential content?

8- Would it be personalized?

9- How much the target audience is empowered?

10- What would be dynamic and what static?

11- Graphics Handling

12- WAP Enablement

13- Support for the special people

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