Enterprise Architecture

Not long ago I felt that Enterprise Architecture (EA) had not been growing at the pace I, at least, thought it should. I asked myself why and came up with a couple of issues. I never thought though the list would expand. I realised it does and I am not sure yet if I should quit numbering the inhibitors. This being the case, no wonder that people are reluctant about an EA development then: it may be costly, takes time and resources, its business case is not proved and the outcome may not live to expectations.

What I found until now: EA is seen as an IT architecture only. All technologies besides IT seem to be ignored. EA is overly simplified to four architectural layers with no other “views” to respond to non-IT stakeholders’ concerns. The functional architecture, a good practice in systems design, is not really adopted and Use Cases, coming from the world of software design, are not really used. There is seldom a link to the enterprise Value Chain or business model.

2 thoughts on “Enterprise Architecture”

  1. I consider we are lucky to witness emerging paradigm of EA and also sharing the growing pain. We are still at the early stage of struggling on EA the definition. It is not necessary bad. Once we all find out the direction, I think EA will become the IT culture. Here is what I think EA is in the book proposal of “EA for Dummies”


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