Enjoy the Weather!

Wow! It has been raining all the night and the morning was really beautiful. Though we had to face a lot of difficulty in reaching to our destinations but that was really pleasurable. Actually the major factor was the weather. It was not cold outside and the breeze was very gentle.

I really enjoyed when the Van dropped me on the road and I had to cross it. I was alone but enjoying. On the dual carriage, I crossed one side and in the mid I opened the umbrella as it started drizzling. My umbrella got inverted due to the splash of wind and I had a very refreshing feeling.

When we are busy doing the chores of our life, we need a change,….A Refreshing Change, the impact of which should last long. Whenever you get tired and bored of life, just try to get on some picnic or enjoy the weather. Above all this is from GOD. So enjoy all the weathers!

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