Like every year Eid has also come today. After spending a month of fasting, one naturally wants to celebrate this gift of Allah. I am also receiving instant messages, phone calls, and visits from friends, relatives and colleagues and also replying them as much as I could do, but I don’t know why something is not clicking deep inside.

With the blessing of Allah, everything is alright at my personal and domestic level, yet there is no real ecstasy of Eid this year. Something is missing. As I ponder more, I come to realize that perhaps it’s due to what’s happening with us all over the world. My fellow countrymen are dying in North Waziristan, how could I celebrate Eid? My Muslim brothers are hapless in Palestine. My Muslim brothers are getting wiped out and humiliated in Iraq, and how could you expect any festive mood from me? My Muslim brothers are being persecuted in Chechnya, and they are being tortured in Kashmir. They are being killed like insects in Afghanistan and they are being bullied in Iran. They are being humiliated in Europe, America and Australia, and you hope that I sing the songs of merriment.

But as hypocrite, apathetic, indifferent and shameless I am, you would be amazed to see that I am still standing here wearing my new Eid suit, eating different kinds of meals while embracing everyone in sight like a moist robot.


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