Electronic Brands really successful or not?

Everyday we watch ads for electronic brands on different channels. These ads seem so interesting that I always think that I should buy the product. But I have never come across any one who might have bought or used these products. Every time the question keeps on striking my mind that how would be the working of the products or the results are really fruitful or not.

One reason for not using these brands might be that in Pakistan there is a lesser trend for using electronic products or should say that the trend is just increasing here. Mainly because of the higher prices of electronic as compared to the monthly income. Only rich people here in Pakistan can afford to buy costly electronics and the middle class relies on buying products from the “Pathans”, roaming in Bazaars to sell different electronic gadgetry. These products have no guarantee and are cheap, but it is your luck if you find them working for a year or more.

Still have a confusion that the TV brands really work or is just the fascination because of the attractive advertisements on the TV. Whenever I meet any one, I do ask about these products.

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