Elections in Emergency

So there will be a national holiday on 9th of January. Oh, let me see whether its Sunday or not, because if its Sunday, then a holiday will be wasted. Good, its not Sunday. Now let me check through Internet that whether we have got any international cricket match on this date or not. It seems to me by my quick but inexhusastive search that there is no cricket match, so a one day picnic or couple of movies could do on that day or may be a good book.

I have never polled my vote ever in national elections and there is no chance that I would break this record this time. The reason I didn’t poll my vote in the previous elections was primarily the fact that I didn’t have any choice. All the 5 candidates were the top rogues of the area. One was openly involved in prostitution racket, the other was in smuggling, the third one was a “Qabza Group”, fourth bird was a dacoit, and the last one was a miserable creep.

This time I have got two reasons to not to poll my vote and to enjoy the holiday. First I just described above, as the same thugs have started canvassing and the second reason is that I want to follow the emergency. The simplistic definition of emergency, which I understand is that it curbs the basic rights of the citizen. To poll a vote is a basic right of any citizen, and as basic rights are suspended due to the emergency, so I cannot let military courts court marital me by polling my crumbling vote.

Just to put some heck in the post, what do you think that whether the elections held in a scenario where there is no constitution and judiciary, have any legitimacy? President Musharraf managed to keep the NWFP assembly intact through his presidential elections courtesy to Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman, now, I wonder what would he do to paint the legitimacy coat on the upcoming elections.

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