Elections did not change anything

Those who thought that a new era will begin after the elections will have to think again. Already there is talk of defections and horse trading is sure to follow. If Musharraf doesn’t resign and Nawaz insists that he should go or the judges should be restored, the people may protest in the streets (like they did to remove Ayub Khan and Bhutto).

Whatever happens, one thing is certain: there will be a great deal of uncertainty, inflation will continue, petrol will get more and more expensive and it will be very difficult for the common man to balance the budget. Loadshedding will increase and the people will have to suffer. And no one will demand that those who are responsible for our misery should be brought to justice. The U.S. will bomb the tribal areas to target militants without our permission (they have done it more than once already). People like Sheikh Rashid will now appear on TV to give their views on what the government should do or should have done (or not done). Someone once said, “The more things change, the more they remain the same.” How right he was.

3 thoughts on “Elections did not change anything”

  1. You forgot to add, “and until all Muslim men leave their wives and children for forty days to two years and go to other cities for preaching what people like you say is the true religion.” But even if all Muslims become what you want them to be, people like you will not be satisfied, but will find other reasons to explain why Muslims are downtrodden. But the solution is simple: Muslims should ignore people like you.

  2. Allah doesn’t change the destiny of a people until they change themselves. As long as Muslims go on wasting their time on things like black magic and don’t make efforts to master science and technology, they will continue to remain the slaves of those whom Allah has made masters of the world (the Jews).

  3. nothing is going to change until people obey Allah. Until people start praying, until men stop abusing their wives, until women stop watching stupid saas/bahu serials, until people gain taqwa through the strength of imaan, until people stop giving and taking interest and so on.


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