Elections 2008 or Selection 2008

Elections are very near and campaigns of all the political parties are in full swing. The streets of the cities are now fulfilling the purpose of advertising different candidates participating in elections. A large sum of money is being spent by all the participating parties in order to win the hearts of people rather than for the real welfare of people but the question which has puzzled me is that is this the election or selection this time?

Statistics have shown that crime ratio is increasing day by day in our country, hundreds of cell phones are being stolen on the daily basis and those who resist; receive the gift of death in return, number of group rape cases have increased, suicide bombers find Pakistan as heaven, even our President has been targeted various times. Nothing has changed, culprits are roaming freely as usual. Target killing is still common, the murder of our famous artist “Gul Jee” and his wife are the true reflections of lawlessness in the city. Still the justice is in pockets of upper class and lower class is being charged on trifling affairs.

History of Pakistan’s politics is full of examples that who ever has come, has just filled his/her bank account while the condition of people has remained the same. It is the habit of our politicians that after being elected, they even don’t recognize the people who have voted for them. Changes only take place in the seats of senate and parliament but the real picture of the country remains same.

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