Election in the USA

What does Pakistan think who would be more beneficial to Pakistan Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. There is a huge fight going on in the USA between both the candidates. How come there elections are not fatal to life; how come each one convinces the people and that is what Benazir Bhutto was doing reaching out every day to people who they want; as a common American election how each day their candidates step out talk to people and bring the people to them each day to gain their confidence; no doubt even their media and law tells about their corruption and deficiency but yet they step out like her and convince the people what actually democratic elections should be. Since the last 10 / 12 years we might be finding the only name Clintons in the arena of politics but since ages and ages America has produced many politicians who were just a lay man in their past lives. Even Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama the candidates rise from the people then why does Pakistan always gets some renown politician why a simple common people can come in the election. If you see MQM same leader since ages; PPP same leader if not them then they are left with the feudal lords who will stand in the election. Over here all candidates are qualified and have to show a lot of social service before they step into election, even through their college days they have to show leadership. Media scrutinizes their whole life and efforts before they can win the peoples heart.

Does Pakistan know which one of the candidate will have a better impact on Pakistan is there an collaboration of Pakistan and the Pakistani people living in the US will they once again bring something only for the government or for the people of Pakistan. Like Mr. Barack Obama he was quite harsh about Pakistan when the present government insist of their unification towards terrorism and allotment of billions of dollars to the government for their purpose. But yet even before Benazir Bhutto was slayed all the candidates were asked a question about Pakistan and they all said one thing they are willing to talk to Benazir Bhutto. Like it was an issue for the country, and during their campaign debate. Does Pakistan know how make a US candidate its issue that who should be there to rule or only America can make it an issue that who should be there in Pakistan to rule.

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