Election Advice

It Will Be a grand day when we the voters get all the cleverness and intrigue the politicians have, and the politicians have to hold a wholesale of brilliant ideas and visions to obtain the votes.

If we’re to be smart voters, we must stay one step ahead of those who are trying to manipulate us without our knowledge. And for that to happen, we must know as much as possible about how our mind work, and how we’re being tricked, spun, cajoled and seduced. We should all be comfortable thinking when listening to a rosy political speech, “Ah, that’s exactly what I thought he would say.”

We must not bemoan or regret the fact that the politicians and their side-kicks have these “weapons-of-persuasion”, we can put these weapons to good use — our use, that means . The idea must be to help ourselves, our family, and our circle of friends to learn to vote smartly. I believe enough is enough. Elect a person on the basis of his goodwill, education, nerve, characteristics and vision. Dont elect on the basis of clan, tongue, and party.

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