Ego – Man’s Enemy

Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala asked the angels to bow to Prophet Adam and all of them obeyed. Iblis refused saying that he is superior since he is created from fire and Adam from mud. Allah (s.w.t.) turned him from the head of angels into a shaitan.

Every person is responsible for destroying their ego. Ego is a trait of Iblis and no muslim would like to have the nature of Iblis.

Ego is killed from doing housework, mainly dirty dishes and the toilet. In Islam, it is not a woman’s job to do the household chores. Prophet Muhammad was very humble and he used to do all the housework himself. There is not a single ayah in the quran and not a single hadith that says it is a woman’s job. Male members of the family should do the household chores. You are responsible for crushing your ego

Ego does 3 things:

1. Creates unnecessary anger making you unhappy with your relationships and your workplace and everything and everybody.
2. Pulls you away from worship
3. Makes you emotionally immature.

Ego is a burden that people carry everyday. Ego is a disease that people are affected by everyday. Ego is a weight that people have on their chest everyday.

Umar Radhiallahu anhu narrates that I heard Rasulullah saying : Whoever humbles himself for the sake of Allah (s.w.t) , Allah (s.w.t.) will raise him as a result he will consider himself small yet in the eyes of people he will become great. But he who is arrogant, Allah (s.w.t.) abases him and he becomes small in the eyes of people to the extent that people consider him to be worse than a dog or a pig.

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