Education is Must

Pakistan cannot, I repeat, cannot become successful in the cluster of nation until education becomes rampant like air in the country. It’s not the question of ‘may be’ or ‘might be’, but it’s a dead right certainty. We will keep on suffering these Chaudharies, Tawanas, Chathaas, Wattooes, Khans, Jitois, Bugtis, Mazaris, Sials, Sheikhs, Butterrs, Tarrars, Zardaris, and Legharis and as a whole the entire lotacracy.

Education affects the well-being and plight of the individual and its immediate family and then the whole of the community, the local populace and that of the nation. The higher the level of education obtained by a person, the greater the chances for employment in times of economic crisis and otherwise. Equipped with better qualifications and specialized skills, educated workers earn higher salaries than the average workers. They also help to raise the wages of all break earners in an area by contributing to the local community and government, increasing profitability and business.

Besides of the sure financial benefits, education also gives sense of awareness and the sense of responsibilities one owes to the society and nation. Comatose and supine behaviour of the Pakistani nation over these dismal situation, where only a handful of people are dictating their destinies, and only one person is pulling the strings just to strengthen himself is a clear manifestation of the ill quality of garbage we receive in the name of education.

Quality of education could be reflected when it is knowledge oriented rather than degree or diploma oriented. Knowledge is should be obtained to become a thorough human, and not someone out of the wild. One cannot overrule the significance of quality education in strengthening a democratic society as the nation is yet again standing the crossroads.

A wide access of the people to quality education is the main engine that brings broader social benefits to a country, especially in a developing nation like Pakistan. There should be no difference between education and quality education, they must be the same thing and must be available to everyone.

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