Edhi Center Robbery: A Crime That Shocked Pakistan

Abdul Sattar Edhi Robbed in Karachi

Just few days before inaugurating SIUT transplant complex named after him and soon after the outrage on social media that why a person of such great humanitarian services was not being awarded the esteemed Nobel Prize, Abdul Sattar Edhi was mugged at gunpoint. Yes, Even the charity boss of Pakistan is not spared by robbers. The city of lights has been the host of what must be one of the largest single robberies in the city’s recent history.

On October 19, a daylight robbery at the head office of country’s leading charity organization “Edhi Foundation” made it to the headlines, not only because it happened with renowned and respected philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi but because of the worth of stolen gold and cash.

As per the details of the shocking news, eight to ten armed men detained the staffers of Edhi Foundation head office along with Abdul Sattar Edhi, broke into storage vaults and made off with 5kgs of gold (worth Rs30 million), and foreign and local currency worth Rs20 million that was either donated for social work or had been kept by people for safe-keeping.

Immediate reactions to this news were like that we are ashamed Edhi sahib and shocked that even a great humanitarian is not safe in our country. An outrage against the incident on social media was witnessed. Soon the balance shifts towards negativity and people started questioning that why the valuables were not in a bank or kept at home. Also, there were no guards and CCTV cameras installed at the head office which could have been helpful in the culprit identification and investigations.

Whatever the reason of the grand robbery were, Abdul Sattar Edhi was deeply shocked and heartbroken. After rendering valuable services to humanity one is not expecting to be treated like that in his own house. Very soon Malik Riaz, real estate developer and founder of Bahria town came to the rescue and handed over Rs 50 million cheque to Abdul Sattar Edhi as compensation to his loss and in appreciation of his services. A noble deed indeed but I hope it will not stop police and law enforcing agencies to catch the culprits.

Express tribune editorial puts it aptly:

It was not only Abdul Sattar Edhi who was robbed; it was the entire nation.

A glimpse of social media commentary on Edhi center robbery in Karachi

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