Eating the Words

Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Sherry Rehman is also a journalist at heart, but she after becoming a minister and especially a selected minister from the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), she has become adept at telling lies with full confidence and she does that in the brimming press conferences.

That, and Sherry has achieved a new level of lying regarding the war on terror, and now she says that the nation stands behind the operation in the tribal region, and she says that the government of PPP and especially the leadership of Asif Ali Zardari (there is no mention of the Yousuf Raza Gillani), is fully able to cope with any kind of challenge, and such and so and more lies follow.

Now Sherry should apply some breaks, as it becomes difficult to eat one’s words and especially those words, which are spoken in haste, and the words which are spoken just to strengthen the job, and political future. Even Mohammad Ali Durrani would be chuckling after hearing Sherry.

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