Eating Mistakenly During Ramadan

Not only does eating mistakenly during fasting hours in Ramadan not break the fast, but it is actually considered a blessing from Allah SWT. It is a sign of Allah’s love that He makes people forget that they are fasting. It is also recommended that if you see a person eating or drinking while they are fasting, do not remind them right away. Let them finish, because what they are doing is due to Allah’s love.

One thing that I don’t understand is, why is eating and drinking in public banned during Ramadan in a lot of countries, especially in the Middle East. The whole purpose of fasting is to go through the day like a person would normally, to feel what a poor person goes through. Are people banned from eating and drinking in public throughout the year because there are poor people on earth who don’t have enough to eat?

12 thoughts on “Eating Mistakenly During Ramadan”

  1. Not just me any Muslim (true to the terms of Islam) belonging to any nationality will provide the person with water if that is the requirement.

    I feel it is just different circles one moves in. In my circle I have mostly seen positivity from Muslims of all nationalities, Alhumdulillah!

  2. “The Christians do not observe complete fast for 24-hours”. Their religion prescribes a 24-hour fast, it’s another thing that they don’t obey this rule. By the way, if a Hindu or a Christian or even a non-fasting Muslim desperately needed water to stay alive (maybe after an accident), would you deny it to him or would you thrash him to death to preserve the sanctity of the holy month? Maybe you would give him water, but I know that most Pakistani Muslims would try kill him.


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