Earnestly Earned

Ernest Hemingway’s fan club is so huge and world wide, there is no need of any sort of introduction. His genius is so above doubt, it requires no further critical analysis or authentication. His intelligence is still illuminating the modern literature. His writings have still got same spark and sting. His immaculate style is second to none and his prose is a diamond galore.

His thoughts are more than applicable and require as far as blogging is concerned. Ok, its hard to advocate that you can become another Ernest Hemingway, but its equally applicable to say that you can emulate him while blogging. Hemingway’s style wasn’t about elusive jargon and subtle ideas adorned with heavy words, his was all about lucidity and flow. He wrote simply and clearly or in other words he wrote for the populace.

What else blogging do? Blogging is all about delivering the idea to others, to advocate one’s views, to impress others or to dissuade others. Blogging is for populace not solely for intelligentsia. Terse minimalist style of Hemingway is what should be the first beacon for Bloggers. His English was passionate, muscular and inspirational. His approach was positive and encouraging in an unique informative way.

Perhaps we can say that Ernest Hemingway was the first blogger.

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