Durrani’s Canvassing for Pervaiz Elahi

The best and the most lethal way of devastating one’s enemy, is by flattering him to death. Just oil him, rub him, and bestow all your unctuous behavior upon him and he would die gleefully his own death, without complaining, and you wouldn’t be charged with murder either, while achieving your goals.

It seems Mohammad Ali Durrani is doing exactly that to Chaudhary Pervaiz Elahi. Remember our dear bad old information minister ‘Ghalat Bayani’? He is at the front benches during this election campaign and has royally declared that Pakistan has finally got its Prince in the form of Chaudhary Pervaiz Elahi, and now nation just cannot wait to have him as their leader in Islamabad. Golly Gosh.

Mohammad Ali Durrani’s intellectual horizon is extremely and mercifully narrow, and that we knew during his tenure, but he is capable that much lying, it’s shocking to observe. The man he is pitting for us doesn’t really represent the whole of Pakistan and not even the whole of Punjab, and not really the whole Gujrat, and the man he is canvassing has blatantly screwed the country along with his toadies for all these years and now we are hungry for two-times roti, and they say that he is the Prince?

Pervaiz Elahi is in the hurry to become Prime Minister, and Durrani is in a hurry to grab any ministry, but we are not in the hurry to get ourselves humped so soon.

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  1. Well:
    I comment a bit on Pakistan politics .Well I think those who left PML Q they are real “lotas” people in their consituency should grab them because they elect on the seats of PMLQ and now why they doing like that .People like riaz futyana .Well mow people should understand that thesse people which are leaving PMLQ are real “lotas” and these people first left PMLN and PPPP SO We should be happy by PPPP response and also PMLN response they not accepting them.


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