Dubai Impasse

As was the case that there was no place in the whole of Pakistan that the PPP and PML-N have found the sanctuary in the Dubai, the new capital of the world.

At the critical juncture, when the nation was waiting for the reinstatement of the judiciary, Asif Ali Zardari ran to Dubai, to perhaps consult with the masters in the Washington, as Dubai has proved beneficial for Zardari in the previous years, and at this lucky place he got the break of his life.

Nawaz Sharif, to save the coalition and in his effort to amass the forces against Musharraf went running after his bhai, but it seems that there is little gained by his going over there, and the judiciary issue resolution is not in sight in the near future.

If PML-N go along with the demands of PPP then it means that judiciary is never restored, and if restored it would be a non-efficient puppet. Nawaz Sharif should say good bye to Zardari now.

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