Drink plenty of water for health benefits

A good diet and exercise are commonly associated with good health. However, drinking water is just as important, if not more. Around eight glasses a day is suggested. Just as a bath is compulsory to clean the body, drinking water is necessary to clean the inner organs and cells from toxic materials.

Not drinking enough water puts a lot of pressure on the liver. A person can end up with very serious problems. It takes a lot less effort to drink water at regular intervals than to deal with liver problems.

It is a custom in Pakistan and India to drink tea. Water is lost from the body due to caffeine. There are many other ways the body loses water, from some as obvious as sweating to others not so obvious as breathing. We lose water all the time. Therefore it is important that we drink around eight glasses of water every day.

Fatigue is a symptom that is linked to anxiety, depression and lack of a good diet. However, not drinking sufficient amounts of water is a major factor that causes fatigue. In order to stay energized and active, a person must drink lots of water.

Now that you have finished reading this post, please go and drink a glass of water.

5 thoughts on “Drink plenty of water for health benefits”

  1. @ brat: that bit about being seated while drinking water has no scientific basis. All non-Pakistani cricketers (except Hashim Amla of South Africa) drink water while standing and they’re healthy. Finally, this may sound strange, but a Muslim is supposed to drink Zam Zam water while standing.

  2. Fruit juice is good for health as it provides nutrients and replenishes water in the body, but it is not a substitute for water. A person who drinks lots of fruit juice can do with less than eight glasses. Coffee and tea diminish water from the body due to their caffeine content.


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