Fantasy, dreams and wishful thinking are all examples of thinking. The two main kinds of thinking are Dreaming and Day dreaming. Dreaming is an abnormal phenomenon of mind that doesn’t occur in our normal waking life. According to Freud “they are the royal road to the interpretation of unconscious”.

Dreams are illogical…they are full of impossibilities. They carry much nonsense of which we can’t make head or tail…Most of our wishes are fulfilled in our dreams that cannot be fulfilled in the real world. The dreams reflect our desires, hopes and our state of mind…Sometimes we have true dreams and it is really mysterious …

Many Psychologists reject Freud’s point of view that dreams typically represent unconscious wishes. Instead they have the view that the overt action of dream is considered to understand them… The second is, Day dreaming which is done by most of us in our daily lives to get a break from the hustle and bustle of life. This type is sometimes very effective in reducing tensions and problems daily faced by us. We can perform this action any where, any time while reading a book or watching TV or eating…It’s really astounding. Its natural if it remains to certain limit but, if accedes then it’s dangerous and lead to psychological problems in which a daydreamer is unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

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  1. i remember sum 1 said that dream is not what u see during sleepin, dream is what which doesnt let u sleep.. if u take dream as 2nd 1 then ofcoure ur dream comes true coz u r putting effort instead of watching some dream n then waiting whether it comes true or not…

  2. Where day-dreaming provides us a leeway from tension temporarily, it also makes us aversive and evader. Too much day-dreaming makes oneself lazy self-centered.


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