Dreaming and Imagining

Men often complain that women have the obsession of changing them while women complain about lack of attention. The reason lies in a simple phenomenon; women dream , men imagine.

Women like to dream about everything in life from studies to partner. They dream about the perfect home, the perfect husband, the perfect children, the perfect everything. They dream so vividly and so surely that when they don’t get exactly what they dream, they feel a little disappointed. To overcome that, instead of accepting things or people as they are, they try to change them in order to ‘improve’ and become their dream figures. This characteristic poses great problems to men who like to feel free and unhindered and be careless. Its not that its not good to improve or change, but that change must come from within and that women need to understand.

Men like to imagine about achievements and solutions. They imagine about doing something that would distinguish them from the average; being an exception is a man’s greatest desire. Men are likely to be attracted to what is unusual or hard to get. This drives them to make great inventions, discover amazing things and explore life. At the same time it makes them vulnerable because this property makes them almost a slave to the supply of problems and challenges. This is also the reason men run after the most wanted and ‘hardest to get’ girls and when they get there, its all over because with the extinction of the problem their exhiliration ends.

The difference between dreaming and imagining is the difference between writing a poem and a writing technical report. A poem requires feeling and a burst of emotions while a technical report requires facts and figures and their intelligent presentation. Its just the way men and women are !

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