Drag Him Out

After the resounding verdict given by the people of Pakistan on 18th February against the forces of status quo led by President General (r) Pervez Musharraf, it was expected that General would move out, but he didn’t. On numerous occasions it was felt that the stubborn general would call it quits, but he didn’t.

Then started tussle between the coalition partners PML-N and PPP and it seemed ultimately that the general has once again has molded himself into cast iron and he is here to stay and the coalition would break and the judges would never be restored and once again both PPP and PML-N would be at loggerheads.

But now Musharraf and his toadies and cronies would be ruing the time they issued National Reconciliation Ordinance, and they must be repenting their deals with the PPP, as Asif Ali Zardari the co-chairman of PPP has become most vocal adversary of Musharraf in couple of days and the impeachment is underway.

Now Musharraf is refusing to go at his own and he intends to fight his way through impeachment and that shows that he doesn’t want to got out with dignity.

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