Dr. Qadeer’s Verdict

The district court of Islamabad has released the verdict which has also been promptly challenged by the government and also the lawyer of the Dr. Qadeer has shown his reservations.

According to the verdict, Dr. Qadeer’s house arrest has been eliminated. He would be allowed to carry out research work, can move within the country and meet with relatives after getting the clearance. He, however, could not allow giving interviews to the media.

Though it won’t be prudent for Dr. Qadeer to go out of his house, as it would pose him some serious threats, as there is every chance of his kidnapping or murder, and the enemy agencies are after him. If something happens to him then it would be a great loss to the country and Dr. Qadeer must not compromise the interests of the nation.

He is the hero and will remain hero.

3 thoughts on “Dr. Qadeer’s Verdict”

  1. Dr Qadeer Khan deserves more security than the dictatorial president or the useless and corrupt politicians whom democracy has brought back into office.

    However, I can see from the unnecessary that are being created around him that one of these days Dr Khan will not only suffer personally for his contribution to Pakistan but Pakistan’s nuclear program will suffer too.

    The threat to Dr Khan comes not from Dr Khan himself but from the American, Israeli , Indian and British agencies which are baying for his blood.

    It is therefore disheartening to see a national hero humiliated and subjected to gagging orders from the court whilst those who are meant to protect him and provide him security ( such as Pervert Musharraf and his Prime Minister) are busy dismantling Pakistan’s nuclear assets.

  2. Definitely he is a hero of whole nation, he has made a lot of good for Pakistan, it is due to his efforts that someone have to think thousand times before attacking independence of Pakistan,
    I salute him for what he has done for OUR nation.
    I believe he should provided with utmost security so that he could move freely in the society and Govt. should not hesitate to spend money, as i feel that this is not the reward for a person who has given his life to Pakistan that he has been house arrested and world tries to impose charges against him. Govt should defend his position and give him liberty.


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