Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan:next President of Pakistan?

Now that it is virtually certain that Musharraf is on his way out, and I hope he leaves today, we should speculatate on who should be the next president of this poor, benighted country, where two out of every five people are starving while the elite spend millions of taxpayers’ money on foreign junkets.

Unfortunately, there are very few people on the horizon who can be called honest and patriotic. Makhdoom Amin Fahim could be a suitable choice for the ceremonial post but he is a feudal who probably doesn’t know how traumatic is the situation on the ground. He doesn’t have to worry about prices of essential items going through the roof, because he has so much money he doesn’t know what to do with it.

Then there is Asif Ali Zardari, another feudal who loves the good life. But why should he opt to be president, since he himself is trying to make the president’s post powerless? In fact, he is probably the next prime minister, as he himself said that if the people or his party wanted it, he would opt for the top slot in the country. But he too is not free of controversy. What respect will he command when he meets leaders of foreign countries who know that he has been fined and given a suspended sentence by a Swiss court?

If I were asked to decide, I would select Dr. A. Q. Khan. The poor man has suffered a lot, and we have yet to hear his side of the story. I think it would be a good idea to conduct a poll to determine whether the people would like to have Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan as the next president of Pakistan.

5 thoughts on “Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan:next President of Pakistan?”

  1. Army was a pride for all Pakistanis. A man in uniform was loved by all until recent years. Whether the cheif was punjabi or urdu speaking or whoever since there was professionalism in the Army. It is a neutral institution meant to save entire Pakistan not just one province. The rising misdemeanors by the institution are not being tolerated by people that is increasingly risky for such a national institution. The punjabis are largest in population and that one of the reasons why they are seen everywhere. At the same time Punjabis the brotherhood just on the basis of language is weakest in them so no favours like that as we see in the case of other provinces and thats a truth as well. Now is the time to rise above thos craokings and work together. We need to be more active in peronal lives and sensitive how leaders are dealing with state affairs. There should be zero tolerence for both.

  2. assaslam o alaikum.i do agree with lakhani sahab.the army is full of pujabis and were not very supportive of gen musharraf or gen baig 4 the same reason.however with this backdrop,army as an institution remained loyal to the system by carrying out orders which were not matching with its sentiment,for e.g,WANAoperations&jamia HAFSA case.there may b alot to b done in revising and solving dormant issues within pak army but still it is the only thriving and vibrant institution of pakistan.

  3. I’m not a Punjabi, but you have to admit that they tolerated Musharraf (an Urdu-speaker) for nine long years before getting fed up with him. If Musharraf had not made some bad mistakes, he would have been popular even today. And let me tell you that the people of Punjab are not alone in forgetting the past. Asif Ali Zardari is well-known as a highly corrupt individual, yet the people of Sindh love him.

  4. I do not have any soft corner for Musharraf or his cabal, they have done a lot of damage to Pakistan and its people. They should go as soon as possible. Rather the process of his ouster should be accelerated.
    For a long time in my life I did not believe in any provincialism, or prejudice on the basis of language. However years of observation/suffering are just a bit too bitter to continue behaving and practicing the same way.
    I cannot recall even a single instance when people of Punjab deplored Late Zia ul Haq (who was not a small dictator than Musharraf) or other army Journals who belonged to Punjab like Asif Nawaz Jangawa or many others who openely conspired against elected governments. If there was some opposition of Zia ul Haq it was very mild from within Punjab, whereas Sind was always very vocal about it. Even today the way Musharraf is being lamented by Punjabis in unison is unparalleled. Why they were so soft with Zia ul Haq. The reason obviously that he was a punjabi. As long as a Punjabi is the army chief, this army is owned by Punjabis as Saddi Army, but when a Urdu speaking person is the army chief the army is the worst. Even today when Mr. Kiyani is the army chief there are no voices against army they way they were against it when Musharraf was the army chief.
    Why Punjab is supporting Nawaz Sharif outrightly when he is unable to get a sinlge seat of National Assembly outside Punjab. Why Punjab is behing leader who kept telling a lie to the nation for seven years that he was sent in exile forcefully by Musharraf and he in fact never wanted to leave. He also challenged the then government to produce before people the agreement with Saudi government. He took the pleas since there was no agreement, how can government show it people. He so shamelessly proclaimed this even when he was allowed to return to Pakistan till son of Rafiq Hariri (Ex PM Lebanon) with the copy of agreement, which Nawaz Sharif so gleefully sign to get rid of the life of captivity. Does he have a face to show to his nation after this. But surprisingly Punjabis have taken it in good spirits and again gave a good mandate. Do Punjabis have a reply to this question. Obviously no becasue today the every language group is covalently bound to his prejudices that he cannot see beyound its nose.


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