Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan and Proliferation

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan was accused by USA of proliferation and smuggling nuclear technology to Libya, Iran and North Korea, declared as nucleus of evil. Gen ® Musharraf immediately summoned the scientist, confirming the charges, compelled him to tender an apology to the nation by confessing his crime. The great scientist of Pakistan appeared on TV, confessed his mistake and tendered an apology to the nation but in a very low and humble tone he uttered a few historical words of great significance which faded away unnoticed by many. He continued by saying, “what ever I have done, I have done for the UMMAH”. What he meant needs to be carefully elaborated before we draw any conclusion whether he is a real hero or a traitor?

In 1974 India exploded its first nuclear bomb named “The Smiling Buddha”. The then PM of Pakistan ZA Bhutto did not cow down and immediately gave a historic statement, “We will eat grass but will make Atom Bomb”. Dr. AQ Khan was there to make his fantasy into reality to give this nation an “ISLAMIC A. BOMB.” He sacrificed his lucrative job in Holland and came to Pakistan to join hands with Bhutto to accomplish the job. Americans did not like it and warned Bhutto to refrain from this otherwise they will make an example of him. Bhutto paid for this by mounting to the gallows while Dr. A.Q Khan proceeded with the job successfully. India tested five A. Bombs in 1998 providing Pakistan with a golden opportunity to test six devices on 28th May 1998 and declared herself a nuclear power to be reckoned with. Thanks to DR.QA Khan and his team mates.

Despite possessing nuclear bombs Pakistan did not have a formidable delivery system. At that time North Korea was desperately in need of nuclear technology but had a very advanced missile system. Dr. AQ Khan then managed to swap nuclear and missile technology with N. Korea during BB’s regime. While USA attacked Iraq on the pretext of possessing weapons of mass destruction by the latter and posing a similar threat to rest of Islamic countries in the Middle East and Iran. At this time Dr. AQ Khan thought otherwise. He decided to extend his valuable knowledge of manufacturing nuclear device to Muslim countries for enhancing their military power in order to protect their sovereignty against the evil designs of Americans. While Saudi Arabia shy of the Libya and Iran were ready customers by accepting Dr. AQ Khan’s offer started work on the project. The Pentagon hounds smelled the proliferation and made a hell out of it. America demanded of their puppet General retd. Musharraf to hand over Dr. AQ Khan to them. Succumbing to tremendous pressure from public, Musharraf could not dare to hand over the Dr. to the Americans but pressurized him to confess nuclear proliferation and tender an apology to the nation. This great scientist was then humiliated, ridiculed and put under captivity till 2008.

Dr. Khan’s only crime was that he wanted to strengthen Islamic countries by acquiring nuclear technology and weapons to counter any crusade by USA or West. Libya had to abandon her nuclear program while Iran is dauntlessly proceeding ahead with it despite tremendous sanctions and pressure from USA and her allies and is at the verge of becoming a nuclear power. Due to Khan’s untiring endeavors Pakistan has achieved much advanced nuclear and missile technology in comparison to India and has made Pakistan’s defense invincible.

On the analogy of the fore goings the history of Pakistan will place him very high as a patriotic Pakistani Muslim scientist and coming generation decide his case vis-à-vis a military dictator. Notwithstanding, money laundering allegations against him, he will be remembered as “Father of Nuclear PAKISTAN.”

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  1. There is a saying” u cannot digest the things u have stolen”. Same is with pak. Ur leader said that pakis will eat grass but will make nuclear bomb. The time has came dear… To eat grass. Pak economy is dependent on world bank ,IMF,AMERICAN AID. The best part is u take all the money still u oppose U.S.Shame!


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