Double Edged Dangers

As the tension between India and Pakistan lingers on and there is no end to the confusion and yes to the danger, another tough time is ahead for the security forces of Pakistan as the Muharram month is approaching. Government should take an especial security plan ahead of Muharram-ul-Haram putting metropolis police on high alert.

That would surely divide the attention, but government should take the Shia and Sunni leaders in confidence and make them aware of the danger about the threat on the Eastern and Western borders. The best option to maintain security for the procession is to be on toes for everyone during Moharram while the police officials would cordon off all lamenting processions.

But Manmohan Singh is playing his own tune. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday night spoke to Iranian President Ahmadinejad, and is understood to have asked him to pressure Islamabad to do more to end cross-border terrorism. He is unwilling furnish proof and he is unwilling to cooperate with Pakistan, but he is all ready to twist the arms.

Pakistan has offered unconditional support to India in investigating the gruesome act of terrorism in Mumbai. The fact is that, as of now, we have not been provided credible evidence of any Pakistani individual or group’s involvement. The sooner Manmohan understand this the better.

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