Dot Plea

Mufti Sadar ud Din Azurda was in judiciary during period of last Mughal King Bahadur Shah Zafar. The activists of the War of Independence 1857 forced every religious leader to sign a decree holding war as an obligation for Muslims. Any body refusing was put to death. Last of all the religious order was presented before Azurda for his signature. Every one had written fatwa bil kher (order for good) and signed. Azurda also had to do it and he did it.

After victory in the War, British started punishing those who had been fighting or helping the freedom fighters (British call them mutineers). Azurda was also summoned in the court because he too had signed the decree favouring the War.

“The signatures on decree are yours,” The judge asked.
“Yes, but the words written on the decree should be scrutinized,” Azurda requested.

It was revealed that there was no dot on the word fatwa bil kher making it fatwa bil jabar.

Azurda was quitted on the plea.

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