Doorstep Talk of Ladies

Now I can say with assurance that its a universal phenomenon that ladies always talk at the doorsteps when leaving. No matter, how much time they have spent in the house, they will always stand and talk at the doors while leaving and their accompanied gentlemen will fume at a distance.

I was talking to a Ramirez from Mexico about some PHP stuff on MSN chat, when he told me that he just had a fight with his wife as they returned from a relative’s house. He said that they spent full 4 hours starting from breakfast in their relative’s house, but even then his wife stood and talked for 35 minutes at the door.

I was completely shocked, as I thought this was the trait only specific to our ladies. I have always took my ladies to relatives’ and friends’ houses on the condition that they wouldn’t stand on the doorstep for more than 15 minutes. Because zero-standing is impossible to achieve, so I gave them a realistic time frame, which is often crossed over regularly.

When I heard from the Mexican friend, that he was also the victim of this syndrome, I went on to ask this from online friends in Australia, America, England and other places and they all said yes in unison.

I am really unable to understand why this exactly happens. No matter how many days they spend as a guest, no matter how many topics they have explored in their discussions, no matter how many back-biting they already have done, they would surely stand at the doorstep and will talk at great length.

The most lengthy talk I have endured by the ladies at doorstep was 2 hour long. Yes believe me. I would like to know that what is your record? and have you any idea why this happens?

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