Dont Worry, Just Do It

Don’t waste time on problems you don’t have yet. Do you really need to worry about selling your product or service to 100,000 customers today…? Make decisions accordingly, when you have access to the genuine information you need. Real things lead to real reactions. And that’s how you get to the truth of the matter.

Instead of banking on getting everything right upfront, the iterative process of getting back to your product or service, in the light of incoming love/hate remarks, lets you continue to make informed decisions as you go along. The result is real feedback and real guidance, which eventually leads to a better product or service.

The concept of not designing everything upfront and going ahead one step at a time makes a lot of sense. This is a very interesting thought. I am not sure whether this process of evolving works in a constrained environment. Will it work in a software services sector where budget and time constrains are galore. Can we say, let us build this web page, collect feed back and modify the same to the satisfaction of the user with the constraints we have got?

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