Dont Stop Learning

“I have completed my education, I have done it. I have got my masters (or PHD degree for that matter), yesterday”. This is a common sentence we hear, more are the chances we have also uttered it somewhere at some point in our life. On average, obtaining a master degree is the culmination of our learning curve. Its the end, the ultimate goal. Learning ends there. Full Stop.

That is why your boss is a bad-ass, that is why 99 percent of school/college/university teachers are obsolete pieces of woods. That is why students of today is the burden of tomorrow. That is why we are still a developing nation, because every person starts developing from zero, again and again, and the cycle carries on.

Learning is a process not an event. I hate to admit it, but as a citizen of this country, I was no different, I thought learning would be over when I got my master degree. Thanks largely to the blogosphere, the scales lifted from my eyes, the clouds parted and the sun shone brightly. It’s not true. You should never stop learning. Indeed, it gets easier to learn once you’re out of masters or bachelors or whatever the educational landmark is; because it’s easier to see the relevance of why you need to learn.

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  1. I think that is the major difference between us and the developed world. There they never stop reading and learning and here we think that once we have got a job, we shouldn’t waste times with books and use internet only for entertainment.


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