Don’t Justify for Mumbai Attacks

In the wake of Mumbai Attacks, the Pakistani foreign office is needlessly clarifying the things. Pakistani defense minister is also aimlessly giving statements in this regard.

Teams of gunmen stormed luxury hotels, a popular restaurant, a crowded train station and a Jewish group’s headquarters in India’s financial capital, killing at least 101people, taking Westerners hostage and leaving parts of the city under siege. The attack is still on and the militants are present in the Oberoi Hotel and Taj Hotel.

Pakistan’s involvement in these attacks is absurd and illogical, because Pakistan itself is engaged in combating terrorism and cannot afford to open up new fronts. The objective of these attacks is to destabilize the region and to fan the animosity between the people of both countries.

Just like when attacks happen in Pakistan, only terrorism smile and the people suffer, India is also passing through that patch and in this time, India should be extending solidarity with the victims and Pakistan should offer helping hand.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Justify for Mumbai Attacks”

  1. Politician are taking political mileage out of it. Communal riots may erupt. Only to benefit rich and powerful. More innocent people will die. Id it comes to excahnging proofs I think much undeniable evidences will be churned out from Karachi nd Balochistan.Also from sabotaging PK interests in Afghanistan.
    I have only one request, learn what friends are… we muxtst coordinate if thats in good faith. Start with water issue please.
    to Indian brothers, please dont abuse Kashmiris more since they have already suffered enough. Remember chechen war of liberation in which they also attached moscow?

  2. For bhagwan’s sake Indians!your media and politicians are churning out crap against pakistan.Am sure you intelligent people know that after iraq,we are number 1 in terrorist attacks against a country.after the marriott blast in islamabad did we blame you so blatantly.all the suicide bombings,and other forms of terrorism.not to mention the instability in some of our provinces. we have a pretty good reason to link you with our as a nation remind me of the the sole super power of the world.”A Great county,with very knive people.”

  3. All minds are different….

    we altought saying always that we r one and united we face problem of miscommunication….

    to be practical What u think we dont know and wat we think u dnt knw ……..

    between these all Big players snatch the games………..

    Fault is on both sides of understanding …….

    >>>We still are friends


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