Don’t Get Carried Away

Joys are not in vast bungalows and long cars. You either can’t find pleasures in the precious garments and expensive foods. Our quest for happiness is always aimed at something grand. The problem is that we never settle for small achievements. We don’t celebrate reaching at landmarks, and always think that the celebration should be done at the destination. Why we we don’t celebrate in the weekdays, and only wait for the weekends?

This approach is what demoralizes the best. We make real progress in our lives when we don’t just look to grand achievements and the realization of ambitious goals as success, but rather celebrate the little wins that we make meaning, add value and enjoy our lives on a day-to-day basis.

Applauding your small wins enables you to create a general positive and pleasant forward momentum in your life instead of degrading yourself because you aren’t making the progress you desire on huge objectives. Don’t delve too much on the big task ahead, which is elusive and faraway. Just concentrate on the task at hand, and think that by just completing it, you would be much nearer to your ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is itself a landmark to some other mega goal, which in turn is also a landmark and so on. Its an unending cycle, so don’t berate yourself and as Nike says it, “Just Do It.”

Encounter the conflict and anger in a calm, patient way and call in reinforcements when it gets to be too much. Maintain a sense of humor in the face of adversity and stay centered on the long-term benefit of the conflict. Do difficult things on a lighter note. When work becomes overwhelming, stop, clean up, organize and prioritize. Clutter in your environment contributes to clutter in your brain.

It’s really uplifting to remind oneself that he is moving forward every day. The acknowledgment motivates him to take the next small step with enthusiasm and to realize that good things really do come in small packages.

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