Dont Fudge Judges

Whatever the so-called intellectuals and the harbingers of status quo say, the thing is that if Zardari plays his nefarious games with the restoration of judges, and PML-N bows in front of him, then it’s curtains for the democracy in Pakistan.

More delay and hanky panky in the reinstatement of judges means a new powerful injection in the fat and sagging hips of the establishment. This injections would not only help establishment gain the lost power but also to topple the elected government once again.

This war is not all about the lawyers movement and about some judges anymore, rather its a decisive fight between the democracy and dictatorship and between the forces of status quo and the forces of change.

Nawaz Sharif has played its part well and has shown his card to the whole nation. He has emerged victor, but his victory doesn’t really do much if judges remain deposed and Dogar court rules the nation and Pervez Musharraf remains at the top. Nawaz Sharif should ignite the whole nation from Karachi to Khyber for this issue, if Dubai disappoints the nation today.

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