Don’t expect too much from the judges

The Pakistani people, most of whom are highly illiterate, will be tempted to believe that the situation in the country will change overnight. They expect immediate justice from the restored Chief Justice, forgetting that immediate justice is not possible. They probably believe that hardened criminals will soon be caught and put in jail, they expect prices of foodstuffs to be controlled and the police to protect the citizens instead of harassing them.

Unfortunately, the situation will remain the same for a long time. Our justice system gives every right to the defendant and it is up to the prosecution to prove guilt. And since the looters and bribe-takers (as well as smugglers and drug barons) have plenty of money to hire the best lawyers, it will take very long to convict them (if ever).

So for now it would be wise not to expect too much from the restored judges. They can’t change the system in a few days or even months. Prices will continue to rise, mobile phone snatchers will not disappear and kidnappings will not cease. The missing persons (who, according to Musharraf, joined the militants) will remain missing for some time. No one should believe that the dictator and his supporters will be tried for their misdeeds. After the recent restoration of the judiciary, we should not expect another miracle.

2 thoughts on “Don’t expect too much from the judges”

  1. ‘I can’t imagine going on when there are no more expectations’ Dame Edith Evans. The lawyers movement was bound to fail had there been no ‘expectations’ attached to it.

  2. couldn’t agree more.. even in the long run nothing will change.

    This whole thing was politically motivated including judiciary issue. I will take my pants off on mall road if an ordinary Pakistani will benefit from this so called free judiciary ever.

    YOU BET!!!


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