Dont Delay the Elections

Fazlur Rehman, the creepiest politican of this unfortunate country has said what Chaudhary Shujaat and his pet Pervez Elahi are dying to say. They all want postponement of the elections, which are scheduled to be held on 8th of January.

As Asif Ali Zardari, the joint chairman of PPP has also announced that his party would actively participate in the elections and will carry on the struggle for democracy, and he has also appealled to Nawaz Sharif to not to boycott elections, and Nawaz League has also obliged, its sure curtain for PML-Quisling, and no amount of rigging can save them now. Their best course of action is to get the elections delayed, while they spin some new twist and create rifts in the rows of PPP.

It would be deadly for the country if that happens. I only pray to Allah that Musharraf doesnt do that. PPP without Benazir is ideal for Musharraf and even much better from the ever-demanding and black-mailing Chaudharies. The good thing for Pakistan (no matter how much you dislike it) is that US also wants elections to be held on schedule, and now US also wants Musharraf to accept PPP as reality and US would very much want new setup after elections according to its own aspirations and whats better than Musharraf+PPP?

All the political parties have once again resumed their compaigns for the elections, but the security concerns are looming large. Its useless to expect security and safety from the state-given security measures for the political leaders, its imperative for these leaders to arrange themselves as much security measures as possible. Delaying the eletions will have catatrophic effect, and once again country will be in huge turmoil.

Democracy is best revenge, but lets hope they practice this too.

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