Doing it Globally

The charm and awe of doing business globally is something. Planet companies are such a huge and formidable monster their workings are hard to grasp and fathom. Some of the companies in this elite and big league has achieved the zenith of progress. These companies have thousands of offices spread in every notable country of the globe. Their employees are multi-ethnic dispersed in every nook of this planet. In such organizations, communication is the key.

UPS is one them. UPS has over 94,000 delivery vehicles, 282 airplanes (the 8th largest fleet in the world) and over 425,000 employees across the globe. UPS knows the importance of communication. For that matter, they have been investing and researching for a global device to always keep their net connected everywhere. So, their research has given the fruit, and they have now Delivery Information Acquisition Device (DAID).

The latest version of DAID has 3 different radio types and is the instant entry point for a tracking system that averages over 10 million tracking requests per day. By the end of 2008 they will have over 70,000 of them deployed worldwide.

DAID’s ease of use is so terrific, even a driver of a UPS truck could use it without any formal training. UPS is clearly proud about its speed and proficiency on this complex piece of electronics that anyone would be overwhelmed by ease at first (or tenth) glance. Now the employees of UPS are more savvy yet more enabled and efficient.

It is so incredibly powerful and complex from inside, like the operating systems, yet it’s so extraordinarily accessible that it takes seconds for the user to put that power to use. That should be the goal of every product or service.

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