Does Obama Knows That

The time has passed for playing stupid political games. Real issues warrant real solutions and it shall prove fatal for us to treat Fata as a regional issue because it is a national crisis of the gravest proportion. But does anyone in Islamabad and Peshawar really care? In rest of the Pakistan there is not much worry about the slipping FATA and Swat.

Nothing is alright in the tribal region and in the restive areas of Swat and then the restiveness is spreading in the adjoining areas of the Swat and FATA. in the tribal agencies you only get serious extremist messages, predominantly of a jingoistic nature and calling for things to be followed by the local population. And this stuff is taken very seriously as well.

The writ of the government has become a joke. The closure of schools after the warning from the Taliban is the manifestation of the power they enjoy in the region and how helpless the government authority is in the area. Even they cannot stop the FM radio run by the local Taliban chapter of TTP.

There is also another aspect to this. Given the scale the war on terror has assumed, it is necessary that the people be involved in it and popular backing be obtained for government actions. Obama administration has to put serious effort in this region, because this mess primarily belong to their hegemonic designs.

The war on terror has cost over 3,000 Pakistani nationals since 9/11. Does Obama knows that?

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  1. what u have to say about involvement of paki nationals in many terrorist attacks all over the world.. THE WORD PAKI itself has became a slang.. Dont point finger to others..try to clean ur mess on ur own.


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