Does money really bring happiness?

Money is an asset for every one of us and its presence is very important. But it is not the only supreme reason of happiness; money can buy us a nice house, cool car, the computer we are dreaming of. Money can buy the physical needs that bring psychological happiness for a time being which can be long or short, for example when you have ten rupees you can buy a bar of chocolate and be happy with it as long as you are eating it or you can buy a car that brings you the happiness of riding for a year and then you will get used to it. So money can bring happiness but it’s not the only reason for happiness like some people thought.

But the real happiness comes from many sources and these sources can bring eternal happiness but not only for a period of time, are those sources:

True love, to love and beloved by your partner that you can spend your life time with.

Children, to invest in them all what you are having in hand and build them a bright future so that you will be proud of them and they be proud of themselves one day.

True friends, they bring great happiness when they are really true and when you sit, talk, laugh with them and feel that you have something that can be never bought by money

Respect of other people cannot be bought by money but can bring you happiness when you are successful in your career path, friendly with all your colleagues and feel that everybody respects and likes you.

Your health, being healthy cannot be bought by money; many rich people are having health problems and cannot be treated.

All of those things that can be bought by money cannot bring happiness. So money cannot absolutely bring happiness all the time, you can’t be sure if it may bring happiness and may not. If you are having money and don’t have any of the above things, then money is useless. It will b like having a lot of money in a drowning ship, can money save you then or bring you happiness?

Money can bring happiness and can also bring mystery and sadness if you use it in wrong way, if you spend your money in drinking liquors or taking drugs or gambling it might ruin the life, or if you don’t feed the poor and needy ones and keep stuffing your own self, you will receive hate and envy from those people.

So, in brief money can bring happiness temporarily BUT there are some important things that you cannot buy with money but they can bring you an eternal happiness.

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