Docstoc :Innovation of the Year

One of the most striking factor behind the staggering and forward-only success of World Wide Web is it’s originality of innovation. On the cutting edge of WWW horizon, only those succeed who render an innovative idea in action. As the time is progressing and more and more bleeding edge technologies are hopping on the forefront of WWW, competition is only getting fierce and more promising.

In 2008, if anybody, besides of some starry-eyed startups of the virtual tycoons, have succeeded in shocking the world with it’s dazzling innovation then it’s Docstoc. They have addressed a familiar “Oh why that wasn’t there before” kind of feature in a grand style while incorporating all the niche features of the web technologies.

What they do is enable you to share documents online. Yeah, you could upload any kind of professional document online for the world to benefit, and you could search any kind of required document from this fantastically real site. You could also hookup the document to your site or blog. They have fairly extensive How-to in their blog.

Here is what we have shared with the world!

Chowrangi Home Page – Get more documents

On this user generated document saga, you can search through a wide array of documents including high quality legal, business, technology, educational, and creative documents. You can create your own profile and store your own documents online to carry them anywhere in the world. It’s also your own choice to keep your documents private or to make them public. And the cost is just unbeatable. It’s Free. Free like air and free like true love.

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