Do Muslim girls want the same results?

The West believes that a suppressed sexual desire can create problems and it must be released. So, we have people having sex with whoever they can find. Be it the secretary, the neighbors wife, boss’ wife or the girl next door. They talk big but they have nothing to say about the number of babies that are found dumped on sidewalks, a result of fornication. What about the number of people growing up with AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, too horrible to even mention. They will tell you to use a condom, but will they tell you that a person can get AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases by something as simple as kissing another person’s lips. The exchange of saliva in this act is enough for the entire life to be ruined. How about the other ‘forms’ of sex. Do people not get AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases that way?

The West has fornicated itself to destruction. What is unbelievable is that even after this, the muslim world is ready to believe all wrong theories preached by them without even bothering to look at their miserable state. Sex is pure and should only be reserved for one’s spouse. It is not something that a person can have with anyone he/she wants, like an animal. One of the things that differenciates us from animals is sexual morality.

Guys and girls are not the same. A guy cannot get pregnant and it is impossible to tell whether a guy is a virgin or not no matter how many times he has had sex. It is always the girl who ends up suffering in numerous ways in illicit relationships and ruins her life. If she becomes pregnant she is supposed to have brought shame on the family and she is a black spot and no one will marry her. Society becomes cruel to a girl who fornicates but at the same time the guy gets away with everything. It is cruel. It is unfair. However, it is reality.

One thing about the difference in guys and girls is that guys will indulge in indecency on impulse whereas a girl will only do it if she is totally corrupt. Girls have a much higher sense of self respect, honour and dignity. Also, girls are created gorgeous. When a guy sees a girl the effect is much greater than when the opposite happens. Girls also get married much earlier than guys. It is for these reasons that it is much easier for a guy to be corrupt than a girl.

Girls should wait till they get married and should know that if they fornicate they will be the ones who will suffer. They should be aware that a lot of guys out there just want to use them for sex. After that, they will be on their own. A number of guys with sexually transmitted diseases are preying on girls and girls are becoming victims, but they are to be blamed as well. Sometimes they themselves think that they are modern and should have the freedom to do what they want. Who says girls should not have freedom, but when freedom is granted, they use it for wrong purposes. Look at the yearly unwanted pregnancies in the West and the number of people growing up with sexually transmitted diseases. Do Muslim girls want the same results?

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  1. Rema, I’m sorry I couldn’t reply sooner as I was away for Eid. I have submitted a huge number of blog entries on the points you have raised and I will probably write another one soon. I am not against women having freedom or they having a career as long as they delay having kids or wait until they are of school going age.

  2. anyhow we are muslim,pround of being a muslim!we need good parents to teach chilren!sex is not a problem of muslim!!!i believe! Eid mubarak! God bless all muslim have a peaceful Eid! my wishes especially for Pakistanian!!!!

  3. I must’ve read “On liberty” 30 years back, I have read hundreds of books, so I can’t remember it. But there are primitive societies where people have sex without marriage, like the Polynesian island of Tahiti. There was a book as well as a movie “Mutiny on the Bounty” where they showed native girls trying to have sex with the Christian visitors, who were shocked at their shamelessness.

  4. to Shakir Lakhani
    you are right!that is fornication! it is not allowed in everywhere,every culture,because of this,i do not know how many men dided for this,especaily in the 18c and 19c,it was very popular in west,my favoirte poet Pushkin died for
    duel.ppl are seeking for their happiness,good social animals in a good way!when talk all things to an individual,it is very complicated!first ,he is an animal,then he is a “ppl”.all men are struggling between nous and perception–unsociable sociability! do you like ON LIBERTY by Mill?

  5. @Rema: not only is sex before marriage disallowed, but sex after marriage is also punishable (if it is between two persons who are not married to each other). And if you read Yusha’s posts, you get the distinct impression that sex with one’s spouse is also unlawful if either party enjoys it!

  6. salam,i get your idea ,thank you!i have seen almost all your aticles,and respect all your thoughts,thank you for your caring about all muslims girls and the islamic socity,i think all what you have said is very complicated in real is not that easy.first i want to say all “real “muslim girls know that sex before marriage is not allowed.concering the freedom,i want to know what is the real freedom of a muslim girl?how can they realise themselves except dedicating all their lives to the family? how many real muslim men exist in this mass world?what is the status of women after the authority of husband,how do you think about authoritarian husbands,most muslim woman even has no chance to express themselves……..if you do not mind ,this is my email address [removed],wish to hear from you soon!

  7. Rema, what I mean to say is that in the West there is the concept of girlfrind/boyfriend relationships and teenage pregnancies are very common due to this. Girls as young as thirteen get pregnant. They have the grossly wrong concept of freedom, and it has only resulted in destruction, in the form of AIDS and teenage pregnancies. By following the wrong Western way of life, do muslim girls want the same results, in the form of STDs and teen pregnancies. I am not against freedom, everyone should have freedom, but if Muslim girls use their freedom by following the Western way of life, they will have to suffer the same consequences.

  8. From what you’ve written, practically everyone in the western countries should have been afflicted with AIDS by now due to the habit of kissing every now and then. Why aren’t you worried about men in some parts of Pakistan getting AIDS because they’re homosexuals?

  9. aha,i am interested in your article.mostly i agree with you!
    “Do Muslim girls want the same results?”
    does it mean muslim girls are potential victims or likely to use freedom on wrong purpose,i want to know your ideas!thank you!


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